[Podcast] Family Fun Night Episode 12: 'The Rocky Horror Picture Show' ft. Amber Stone (Part 1)

It’s just a jump to the left…

Forty-five years after its initial run, The Rocky Horror Picture Show has taken on a life of its own. Midnight screenings, callbacks, fishnets, red lipstick, you name it, there are so many things from and about this film that are iconic. While you can debate the quality of the film itself, that would be doing this film a disservice. The film is queer, the film is punk rock, the film is a rite of passage for not just horror fans, but for any cinephile.

RHPS is a touchstone in the drag community, as our guest Amber Stone will attest. As part of her own Stone Productions, Amber has produced and performed in the stage version of the Rocky Horror Show many times. A performer on the drag and theatre stages alike, Amber has much to say about what some would say is the original “cult classic” film, as do our own Chase Will, Lucas Liner, and Monte Adams.

Part one of the talk is available now, and part two will air this Thursday, April 1st, and ain’t no foolin’ there. Give yourself over to absolute pleasure and see part one below:


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