[Podcast] Family Fun Night Episode 2: 'Careful' ft. Dylan Mars Greenberg

Not everything that we talk about on CryptTeaze Family Fun Night will be explicitly horror, though this was a damn weird film to take in. For this episode of our film discussion podcast, we look at the 1992 Guy Maddin film Careful, a neo-expressionist piece about repressed emotions and strange traditions. In its premiere year, the film won Best Canadian Film at Cinefest Sudbury.

Our guest for this episode is Troma baby Dylan Mars Greenberg. Her career began at age 15, performing in show bars and recording her first synthpop album Disck. At age 17, she directed her first feature Glamarus. In the last year, she starred in two features, Shakespeare’s Shitstorm and Psycho Ape!, as well as the short film Black Metal: The Kung Fu Wizard.

During the commercial breaks, we feature two songs from Dylan’s band Theophobia, including “Shitstorm,” which premiered on Dread Central recently.

Watch the full episode, featuring music videos from Dylan’s band Theophobia, below:


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