[Podcast] Family Fun Night Episode 3: 2020 Year in Review - Dumpster Fire Edition

To call this last year a dumpster fire may be generous, but there’s no questioning that the sentiment is a fitting one. Any plans for vacations, major life events, or just about anything we had to look forward to were dashed by, what else, the goddamn Backstreet Boys reunion tour.

Such was the case for this third installment of CryptTeaze Family Fun Night, as Chase Will, AudioFlesh, and Lucas Liner discuss the things they got to see (and what they didn’t see) in 2020. Given the crunch that the pandemic put on the release schedule of nearly every distributor, combined with the loss of work that many of us suffered, it’s understandable that the list of films one didn’t get to see is a long one.

At least there are loads of films due out in 2021 instead.

Say “fuck 2020” with us and see the year in review episode below: