[Podcast] Family Fun Night Episode 5: 'Who Framed Roger Rabbit?' ft. David Howard Thornton

In one of our funniest and wildest episodes of CryptTeaze Family Fun Night, we discuss the cartoon marvel that was Who Framed Roger Rabbit? This animated film blends noir, comedy, drama, and romance into a well-paced, feel-good film that entertains any and all audiences. Is it a kids’ film? Debatable. Is it too adult or mature for some younger viewers? Also debatable. But is it a fun watch from start to finish? Undeniably so.

This film was chosen by this episode’s special guest, David Howard Thornton. Yes, Art the Clown of Terrifier himself chose this film, which he claims as his favorite of all time, and it shows if you’ve seen any of his work, especially Terrifier. Outside of the film, we discuss DHT’s work on screen and stage, upcoming films including, of course, Terrifier 2.

In addition, if you haven’t yet, check out Chase Will’s interview with David Howard Thornton from this summer, in which they discuss director/writer/editor Damien Leone, playing a clown, and well, anything and everything the two could discuss about the upcoming film.

Check out this hilarious episode of Family Fun Night below:

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