[Podcast] Family Fun Night Episode 6: 'The Golden Glove' ft. Dr. Kristie Foell

Fatih Akin’s serial killer biographical drama The Golden Glove is the subject of the latest episode of CryptTeaze Family Fun Night. The gruesome story of Fritz Honka and his heinous crimes is based on the Heinz Strunk book of the same name, which itself takes the name of the bar in which Honka met his would-be victims. These crimes are also the subject of Ost+Front’s song “Honka Honka,” released on their 2020 album Dein Helfer in der Not.

Our special guest for this episode is Dr. Kristie Foell, professor of German language and culture at Bowling Green State University. Dr. Foell is an expert on director Fatih Akin, and has formed her German film course around the works of Akin in years past. Her insight on the filmmaking and the cultural impact of these murders made for a great episode, and while it’s not as gut-bustingly funny as previous episodes, this one is for the cinephile to a fault, much as Chase and myself are.

If you are so inclined, the film is currently available on-demand on Shudder and AMC+. Fair warning, the film and book are based on actual crimes, and the film does deal with sexual assault in a horrific and explicit manner. It was the first Fatih Akin film to get an 18 rating in Germany, and for good reason.

Watch the full episode below:


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