[Podcast] Family Fun Night Episode 8: 'Gentlemen Broncos' ft. Jeremy Cordy

Though it was critically panned upon its initial release, Jared Hess’ (Napoleon Dynamite, Nacho Libre) Gentlemen Broncos has seen its share of love from fans of more obscure, weird cinema. Such is the case with our guest for this episode, Jeremy Cordy, director of the film Porking Mindy, which co-host Chase Will also features in!

In this film, a young writer attends a camp featuring a renowned science fiction author. When it comes time to submit manuscripts, the iconic writer, faced with pressure from his agents, steals the manuscript of one of the attendees and passes it off as his own next big hit. Add to this another writer and aspiring film director buying the rights to the story with intentions to make it his next film project, and it seems as though the young man’s story will go down in infamy.

Co-hosts Chase Will and Lucas Liner talk shop with Jeremy Cordy about the film, the state of the film world in the era of Pandemia, and the overt weirdness of the work of Jared Hess. Ultimately, it is a film that our panel unanimously agreed was misunderstood fun, and as an added bonus, the film is currently available to stream for free on YouTube.

Catch the full episode below! The drinking game for this one is to take a drink every time one panelist or another says “Oh, shit!”

Just play that game with water if you do. Trust us.


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