Poppy Previews Holiday Album With "I Won't Be Home for Christmas"

Photo Credit: Erika Astrid

Mariah Carey can get the “Concrete” treatment right about now, whistle tone and all.

Post-genre princess Poppy has had a hell of a 2020 thus far, and I know I’ve said this before, but who else do you know that released a genre-spanning and -defying studio album (I Disagree) and accompanying deluxe edition (I Disagree More), as well as a noise album in Music to Scream To, the last of those serving as a soundtrack to the artist’s own graphic novel Inferno?

And to think, Poppy is only a year and a half older than me. Where did I go wrong, amirite?

In any case, the YouTube star and Sumerian Records artist has announced a new holiday album, produced by fiancee and fellow post-genre artist Ghostemane, who himself put out a killer album in Anti-Icon just one month ago. Titled A Very Poppy Christmas, the record is set to drop on December 1st, with a total of four tracks, including a version of “Silver Bells” and a handful of original tracks. The vinyl for the EP is a gorgeous opaque red, fitting of not only the holidays, but of the blood (or perhaps, BLOODMONEY) spilled in Poppy’s previous musical efforts.

The first taste of the release is the somber “I Won’t Be Home for Christmas,” which Poppy wrote with Simon Wilcox. It plays out like a crooner song of old, with a heavy heart to boot. Those expecting glitch effects or djenty guitars aren’t going to find that here, but will instead find a melancholy holiday tune with a perfectly subtle vocal performance from Poppy. It is vastly different from anything she’s put out, as it’s not the bubblegum pop of her early music career, nor the harsh noise of her most recent EP, but that statement isn’t an indictment, but merely an observation.

Pre-order A Very Poppy Christmas here, and stream “I Won’t Be Home for Christmas” below: