'Predator: Hunting Grounds' Gets a Bloody New Trailer Ahead of Friday's Release

Predator Hunting Grounds New Trailer

Illfonic, who is one of the companies behind the short-lived Friday the 13th: The Game, and Sony will release their new asymmetrical multiplayer shooter that pits man against Predator this Friday, April 24th on PlayStation 4 and PC and today brings a brand new trailer.

In Predator: Hunting Grounds, you play as part of a 4 person Fireteam to complete missions before the Predator finds you. Or be the Predator and hunt your prey.

You can also pre-order to get bonus in-game items at launch inspired by the original movie:

  • Exclusive ‘87 Predator Skin

  • Early Access to “Ole Painless” Mini-Gun

"Enter a world that looks and feels completely authentic to the lore of the Predator universe. The lush jungle comes alive with the sights and sounds of military bravado moving toward their objective. While up in the trees, a flash of light and an ominous clicking sound belay that the team is about to face deadly opposition. From the epic Predator theme song to the signature light-bending cloaking and thermal Predator vision, fans of the Predator-verse will revel in both familiar and new canon."

"As a Fireteam member, wield a state-of-the-art arsenal, from pistols to assault rifles, shotguns, grenades and heavy weapons. As the Predator, hunt with deadly alien tech including the shoulder-mounted Plasma Caster, Combistick, Smart Disc, Wrist Blades, and more."

Players will also be able to customize the look of their Predator, including a new female version!