Kane Hodder-Starring Werewolf Film 'Project Metalbeast' Gets DVD Re-Release

Project Metalbeast DVD MVD Invincible

Project Metalbeast, also known as Project Metalbeast: DNA Overload in the US and simply Metalbeast in the UK, is a 1995 sci-fi horror film directed by Alessandro De Gaetano and starring horror legend Kane Hodder as the titular creature. Years back, the film received a limited DVD release that has since gone out of print and fetches a pretty penny nowadays via eBay and other second hand markets.

It was announced last year that MVD Rewind Collection was planning on giving the unforgettable cult classic its first-ever Blu-ray release, but things haven't exactly gone to plan, as the search for the proper materials to make an HD transfer have been largely unsuccessful.

Fortunately, while we wait (and wait) for the film to make the jump to Blu-ray, MVD and Invincible Pictures have put out another DVD with the old (very old) 1.33:1 SD video master, stating "that's as good as it's gonna get for now."

"A highly secretive DNA experiment to create the ultimate warrior, creates the ultimate nightmare."

"Anne De Carlo (Kim Delaney, "NYPD Blue"), a military research scientist, is working on a formula that will make human skin impervious to bullets. While experimenting with the formula, De Carlo injects it into a man who has been in cryogenic suspended animation for twenty years. What De Carlo doesn't know is that before he was frozen, the man was contaminated with the blood of a werewolf, and now she's created a bloodthirsty beast that can't be stopped with a silver bullet!"

Barry Bostwick (Megaforce), Musetta Vander (O Brother, Where Art Thou?) and Carole Davis (If Looks Could Kill) also star.