Prophecy Productions Release 'Half A Century of Witchcraft' Box Set From Occult Rockers Coven

By and large, the world of heavy metal regards Black Sabbath as the genesis of the genre. We may regard Alice Cooper or Ozzy Osbourne as the godfather of shock rock, even though Screamin’ Jay Hawkins was shocking audiences over a decade before either of those acts got their big breaks. We even attribute the horns gesture to Ronnie James Dio, may the gods rest his soul. In truth, there is an act that is far more influential than we all realize, and soon, they are getting a commemorative and definitive box set to mark half a decade of decadence.

Coven, perhaps the first occult rock band, has released a box set dubbed Half a Century of Witchcraft through Prophecy Productions, covering their entire classic discography on 3 CDs, as well as two full discs of unreleased material and rarities. Included is a 72-page book of color photography, capturing the band through its original sins, with a preface by Rune Auger and liner notes from singer Jinx Dawson.

Capping off this offering are a sigil flag designed by the legendary frontwoman, as well a certificate of authenticity, which Dawson signed in her own blood.

Check out the product reveal and bloodletting trailers below, and order Half a Century of Witchcraft via Prophecy Productions’ storefront.