Pulchra Morte Tease Second Full-Length 'Ex Rosa Ceremonia' With Title Track

Updated: Sep 13

Pulchra Morte is a conglomerate of musicians from some of the finest thrash and death metal bands operating today. With membership in bands like Skeletonwitch, Wolvhammer, and Eulogy, the collaboration put out a promising debut full-length last year in Divina Autem et Aniles, and not content with sitting this year out, they are back for more. To prepare for the impending Ex Rose Ceremonia, the band has unleashed the title track from the album, and it is a treat for the ears.

Informed by black metal in places, the track is heavier on the lean towards doom metal than death metal compositionally, though we get some hallmarks like the persistent double kicks and the pained growls from vocalist Adam Clemans. “Ex Rose Ceremonia” is a mid-tempo affair with sections of slower doom passages and some progressive tendencies. The drumming from Clayton Gore is a treat as well, as he goes from snake in the grass, ride-heavy drumming to fiery machine gun kicks in a moment’s notice. His percussion work helps this song ride the line between death and doom better than most who try to sit on that particular fence.

Ex Rose Ceremonia is due out via Transcending Records on November 6th. The tracklisting for the anticipated second album from Pulchra Morte reads as follows:

1. The Serpent’s Choir

2. Fires Of Coil

3. Knife Of The Will

4. In The Mourning Light

5. Prince Among Shadows

6. The Archer & The Noose

7. To Suffer (The Way You Do)

8. Locust Humanity

9. Ex Rosa Ceremonia

Stream the title track for Ex Rose Ceremonia and/or pre-order the album here via Bandcamp:

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