Punishing Co-Op Horror FPS 'GTFO' Gives the Rundown on Its Next Update "004: Contact"

From the makers of the lauded heist co-op series Payday, the multiplayer horror FPS GTFO has the players as scavengers looking to retrieve artifacts and treasures from a monster-infested locale. Players must work together to scrounge for resources, cover one another, and once the baubles have been obtained, do exactly as the game's title implies. Be warned that new players of GTFO are going to have a bad time, as the slightest errors in judgment can lead to gruesome, game-changing consequences for their intrepid crew.

The game's latest update adds a matchmaking alpha, in order to help build full four-man strike forces, as well as a new layered difficulty system. For the matchmaking, developers 10 Chambers Collective are looking for feedback from players to fine-tune the new system. As for the layered difficulty, the choice between, as they put it "very hard or extremely hard" lies in which path the team takes. Other additions with this patch include a new enemy variation, in-game voice chat, and the addition of more optional objectives in each map.

To read the full breakdown of the update, see the rundown on the game's Steam store page.

Check out the trailer for GTFO's "The Rundown / Contact" below: