Rabbit Junk Break Out "Bits and Razors" for New Single

Following the physical release of their Reveal EP, Rabbit Junk promised a new studio album in the coming year. Last month, the album title Xenospheres was properly announced, and the first single “Bits and Razors” has officially been dropped. As is the case with any of their songs, the blending of urban, punk, industrial, and metal sounds makes for a hearty compositional stew with plenty to enjoy.

The energetic, fast-paced track is the first of two planned singles from Xenosphere, which is due out this fall. This song, like all of Rabbit Junk’s digital music, is available on Bandcamp as part of the platform’s Name Your Price feature. If you’re looking to throw some coin to the band, it would be advised to do so come this Friday, May 1st, as Bandcamp is holding a second Artist’s Day, waiving their cut of sales and putting more money in the coffers of its artists.

Listen to “Bits and Razors” below:


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