Rabbit Junk Bring Forth The "Reckoning," Plus A Remaster Of Controversial Track "Industrial Is Dead"

Rabbit Junk are hitting the ground running this year, and so soon after the release of the stellar Xenospheres (review). For the Seattle band’s first two tracks of the year, they’ve unleashed a new song “Reckoning,” as well as a remastered version of an old classic, their pot-stirring track “Industrial is Dead.”

Fans of the heavier, more metallic direction that Xenospheres took will be thrilled with “Reckoning,” with a guitar-forward composition that still has plenty of bounce and groove to it. Singer JP Anderson uses his mid-range vocals here, with the occasional scream thrown in to take things into another gear altogether. The chorus is rousing and I can easily see it being the focus of a sing-along once concerts can be a thing again. Fittingly, the lyrics, as Anderson explains, are “about shedding what's familiar and the strange grief that accompanies leaving your old self in the past.”

While he’s not sure that this direction is going to be a lasting one for Rabbit Junk, I’ll throw it out there and say that I dig it, and hope there’s more of it coming down the tube. But that’s just me.

On the subject of the past, the band remastered their song “Industrial is Dead,” originally recorded in 2006 for the compilation H0rd3z ov thee el33t. Nothing was re-recorded for this remaster, as JP swears up and down, and the process was “like digging in a pile of shit and finding a diamond.” This chiptune-infused punk diss track is a gem, using different sounds and samples to riff on the genre we all love.

Both tracks are available for download on Bandcamp. Stream/download them below:


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