Rave Horror Game 'Strobophagia' Marries Murder and EDM, With Glowsticks Aplenty

Glowsticks, neon, and blood. Such are the components of the psychedelic, visually arresting Strobophagia, a new survival horror title from Green Tile Digital. These first-time developers have put together a thrilling tale set within a rave, attended only by those willing to sign away their souls. With a soundtrack created by doxed, the game combines the audio and visual elements of an EDM rave with a harrowing tale of survival horror, complete with puzzle elements and a smartphone mechanic.

Judging by the trailer, which you can view below, the game is a treat for the senses. Fluorescent body paint, multi-colored lights, and a dark electronic soundtrack make a concept like an underground dance club horror story seem not only possible, but potentially great. For a first project, Green Tile certainly seem to have a good grasp on their concept, though I hope this game turns out to play as well as it looks.

According to the developers, the premise of Strobophagia is as follows:

Following a promise of the ultimate expression of freedom, you find yourself at the Headless Rave Festival. However, that freedom comes at a cost as the organisers announce that the price of admission is the lives of all attendees.

Find a way to escape, even as the forest itself appears to work against you. Try to maintain a grip on reality while logic takes a backseat. And whatever you do, stay away from the sinister presence in the darkness.

Can you make your way out without losing yourself?

The game is currently available to wishlist on Steam, and is slated for release on October 28th.

See the trippy trailer for Strobophagia below:

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