Rave the Reqviem Commit "Holy Homicide" On Powerful New Track

The Kalmar killers that are electro metal act Rave the Reqviem have set off a “Riptide” and declared that “I Bring the Light” on the road to their upcoming album Stigmata Itch, and now the Swedish band is bringing us a fresh kill. Their new song “Holy Homicide” is one of their strongest yet, and given the first two singles, that’s a statement.

“Holy Homicide” blends symphonic, electro-industrial, and metal elements into a headbanging, soaring good time. With another excellent vocal performance from new singer The Sister Svperior and some synth work which dances across the board, it is a positively banging track which whets the appetite for the forthcoming release. Danceable and fist-pumping all at once, this is a new contender for “that track” that one shows their friends who they’re hoping to get into the band’s music.

On the subject of the new album, Stigmata Itch is due out via Out of Line Music on December 4th. Pre-order and/or pre-save the album here.

See the music video for “Holy Homicide” below: