Rave the Reqviem Decree That "I Bring the Light," New Album 'Stigmata Itch' Coming in December

After the release of the single “Riptide” earlier this summer, Swedish electro metallers Rave the Reqviem have put forth a new single, as well as announced a new album, following 2018’s FVNERAL (sic). On December 4th, the band will release Stigmata Itch, their fourth studio effort and first with new co-vocalist The Sister Svperior, through Out of Line Music. Given their previous efforts, including their smash hit 2014 debut self-titled record which was the best-selling record on Digital World Audio, the bar is high for this grand album that is Stigmata Itch.

As anticipated, Rave the Reqviem have raised the bar even higher, delivering a fast-paced, electronics-heavy new song called “I Bring the Light.” Full of detuned guitar calamity and an urgent and frenetic pace, it’s an exciting and energetic effort. The chorus is catchy as hell, with The Sister Svperior delivering a powerful vocal performance in the chorus. Her commands of “watch it burn down” are just begging for a live sing-along when the time is right, and help allow this track to ascend the heavens which its cover art bears.

The track list for the new album reads as such:

1. Oh, The Joy!

2. I Bring The Light

3. Holy Homicide

4. Riptide

5. Colossvs

6. Phantom Pain

7. Alpha vs. Omega

8. By The Horn Of Joshva

9. She Will Weep

10. Aerial

11. Majordomo

12. He Cometh Forth Like A Flower

Pre-orders for Stigmata Itch, available December 4th via Out of Line Music, are available here.

Check out the lyric video for “I Bring the Light” below: