Realize Hunker Down In Their "Melted Base" [Video]

Hailing from the great state of Arizona, the industrial metal trio known as Realize are proprietors of the old-school, gritty methods. Taking the painstaking approach of programming drums, as well as refusing to use amps, but rather computerized amps and modulations, the band has developed a wholly mechanical sound. The result is abrasive, body-slamming metal that has every safety feature disabled for your listening pleasure.

Realize have unveiled the third single from their upcoming and appropriately-titled sophomore album Machine Violence, the dissonant and deafening “Melted Base.” Industrial fans looking for a danceable groove need not apply, as this song brings a sledgehammer down on the listener with downtuned guitars, commanding vocals, and driving drum programming. Clocking in at just under three minutes, the track is a short, sharp shock if ever there was one, giving itself just enough time to liquefy everything in its path.

Machine Violence drops on September 25th via Relapse Records. Physical and digital pre-orders are now available.