[Review] 'Outbreak: The New Nightmare' Returns to the Roots of Zombie Survival Horror

Outbreak: The New Nightmare, the latest game from Dead Drop Studios, is a zombie throwback that will satiate anyone’s mid-90s nostalgia.

Over the past few years, the Resident Evil franchise has been given new life with improved graphics and stronger gameplay than in earlier installments. However, there’s a certain undeniable purity in retro 3D gameplay, and that’s where Outbreak: The New Nightmare really shines.

From Evan Wolbach, founder of Drop Dead Studios:

"Retro survival horror games don’t really get made any more. The recent Resident Evil 2 and Resident Evil 3 remakes are the closest we’ve come. Games like Resident Evil: Outbreak weren’t made at all … at least not until now! I happen to love retro/classic games and survival horror games in particular, so I knew there was a market for this type of unforgiving, hard-as-nails experience. That’s the genesis of the first Outbreak (originally a top-down 2D game) and now Outbreak: The New Nightmare."

The story starts out as one might expect. A series of title cards tell us how the outbreak happened, and what the current state of humanity is. Survivors are few and far between, but in order to survive the plague of the undead, humanity relies on scavenging and banding together.

The variety of gameplay modes adds some flavor to the experience. There’s the traditional Campaign Mode, but there’s also the challenging Onslaught Mode, where players try to survive increasingly difficult waves of undead threats. There’s also the challenging Experiments Mode, where you’re given tasks to complete in order to make progress.

Overall, I really enjoyed the game, and I think most fans of the classic Resident Evil games will dig it. Priced at a mere $12.99, be sure to pick up a copy over on the Playstation Store…and survive a long and frightening night of the undead!

Outbreak: The New Nightmare is also available on Xbox One via the Microsoft Store and PC via Steam.