'RuPaul's Drag Race' Alumna Kim Chi Gives Us Yun-Jin Lee of 'Dead by Daylight: All-Kill' Realness

The All-Kill chapter of Dead by Daylight has been out for just about a week by this point, introducing Yun-Jin Lee and The Trickster to the realm of The Entity. The K-pop-themed chapter of the wildly popular survival horror game has proven a hit with fans, particularly those who have been wishing for The Trickster to step on them.

At least now, after the Lady Dimitrescu debacle, we have some sense of gender parity in video game antagonists and their fanbases’ desires to be railed by said antagonists.

Cosplay has become so much of an integral part of the DBD fanbase that developers Behaviour Interactive have put together a number of cosplay guides for the Survivors and Killers. Of course, one could argue that drag walked so cosplay could run, and few drag performers know this better than Kim Chi, runner-up on season eight of RuPaul’s Drag Race. The Korean-born queen made waves with her anime-inspired looks and cutting-edge fashion, and she’s taken her game to an entirely new level with her latest look, based on this chapter’s Survivor, Yun-Jin Lee.

On April Fools’ Day, she wasn’t fooling around, teasing the look one day before the big reveal:

Clearly she’s doing something right, as Behaviour themselves soon tweeted their approval of Kim’s absolute serve.

Between her co-collaboration with Trixie Mattel and her Trixie Cosmetics line and this, Kim Chi is making the most of her 2021. We suggest that you donut come for her.


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