Ryan Murphy's #AHS10 Twitter Poll Is Down To Two Intriguing Choices

The American Horror Story universe is expanding, so sayeth series co-creator Ryan Murphy. Earlier this week, he took to Twitter to ask the fans which theme should be the focus for the upcoming tenth season, and from those four initial choices come two finalists. We won’t be getting AHS: Aliens or AHS: Sirens, as the final two choices are between Bloody Mary and Plague.

Furthermore, fans are clamoring for Lady Gaga to return to the anthology series if Bloody Mary gets the nod, and seeing her work as The Countess in Hotel… yeah, I’m game. That role did win her a Golden Globe, an iHorror Award, a Satellite Award, and a FANGORIA Chainsaw Award in 2016, so while many will remember her stellar performance in A Star is Born, many are quick to forget her work in the Hotel.

That said, a number of fans have voiced their disapproval of this final two, as several fans have noticed that Sirens may have actually won the popular vote. Is this blatant gaming the system on Murphy’s part? Will we ever get an AHS: Sirens if it didn’t win the popular vote? Frankly, after this last presidential election cycle, I’m not giving too much brain power to this debacle, if only because whichever series does get the nod will no doubt be a landmark, as we’ve not had one since 2019’s AHS: 1984.