Sci-Fi Action Film 'Ninja Verse' Battles Extraterrestrial Creatures in Early Edo Period Japan

Writer/director Junya Okabe, best known for his acclaimed 2017 short film ZVP (seen below), which saw the mythical blind swordsman Zatōichi face off against the extraterrestrial hunter Predator, is currently prepping Ninja Verse, a thrilling sci-fi action film set in ancient Japan.

Using Kickstarter to raise funds, the filmmaker has set his sights on creating a pilot film project for the upcoming feature, which will consist of an eight-minute proof of concept that will ultimately become the feature.

Ninja Verse is set in 1645 Japan, historically-known as the Early Edo Period, a giant extraterrestrial object crashes into the lush Hida Mountains. Three ninjas are ordered to conduct surveillance by the shogunate and encounter the wreckage of a gigantic UFO and strange extraterrestrial creatures. Contact with this advanced technology from outer space leads the three ninjas on a surreal quest, encountering bizarre phenomena everywhere they go.

"An adventure filled with fierce aliens, shinobi warriors, a legendary blind swordsman, supernatural beasts, wild robots, and even a living giant statue, Ninja Verse is a gleeful mishmash of Japanese culture certain to entertain fans of action, sci-fi, and horror."

Writer/director Okabe has assembled one hell of an awesome crew for Ninja Verse, including cinematographer Takumi Furuya (Godzilla: Final Wars, Versus), action choreographer Akihiro Noguchi ("Mighty Morphin Power Rangers"), character designer Takaykui Takeya (Shin Godzilla, "Attack on Titan"), and producer Ko Mori (Prisoners of the Ghostland, Lords of Chaos).

Head on over to the Kickstarter campaign to learn more and contribute towards the creation of Ninja Verse!