Scream Factory Bringing 'Child's Play' Films to 4K UHD with Exclusive "Charred Chucky" Figure

Scream Factory has announced this morning that they will be bringing the original Child's Play, Child's Play 2 and Child's Play 3 to 4K Ultra HD on August 16th, 2022!

These new releases mark the North American 4K UHD debuts for all three films! Each of these beloved, iconic films will be released in a limited edition slipcover and will include a Blu-ray of the film as well as previously existing bonus features and new extras on Child’s Play 2 and 3!

Scream Factory announced, "It’s been 34 years since Tom Holland’s classic Child’s Play first hit theaters and introduced audiences to Charles Lee Ray…better known as "Chucky." Now the first three Child’s Play films can be experienced like never before in the best video and audio quality ever!"

But it gets even better!

You can order the 4Ks on their own, which include exclusive posters with each, or as part of site exclusive bundles featuring combinations of a "Charred Chucky" NECA action figure, Gutter Garbs enamel pins, posters, exclusive slipcovers, and postcards.

The most complete exclusive offer contains the following items:

  • Child's Play [Collector's Edition] 3-Disc UHD/Blu-ray set (with slipcover)

  • Child's Play 2 [Collector's Edition] 2-Disc UHD/Blu-ray set (with slipcover)

  • Child's Play 3 [Collector's Edition] 2-Disc UHD/Blu-ray set (with slipcover)

  • An exclusive, limited edition 5 ½” tall "Charred Chucky" action figure by NECA (limited to 4,000 units, this will ship separately from the rest of your order in late 2022 — please note that a handling fee of $6.99 will be added for each action figure ordered)

  • Limited edition 18” x 24” rolled posters of the original theatrical artwork for all three films (these will ship rolled, in a poster tube)

  • Two additional slipcovers — made exclusively for this promotion — featuring new artwork from artist Devon Whitehead for Child’s Play 2 and Child’s Play 3

  • Two exclusive, limited edition 18" x 24" rolled posters — made exclusively for this promotion — of the newly-designed art for Child’s Play 2 and Child’s Play 3 from artist Devon Whitehead (these will ship rolled, in a poster tube)

  • An exclusive, limited edition set of three Child’s Play postcards

Plus, Scream Factory and Gutter Garbs have teamed up to bring you the official Chucky Collectible Enamel Pin Set, exclusive to and limited to 1,000 units.

  • Set includes 5 pins

  • Each pin is hard enamel

  • Each pin measures approx. 1.5” high

  • Each pin includes clutch with rubber backer

  • Set includes custom backer card, which measures approx. 6” x 5”

  • Pin set (on card) stored in custom keepsake box, which measures approx. 7” x 6”

  • Keepsake box includes custom insert to keep pin set (on card) in place

  • Art by Matthew Skiff

Extras are in progress and will be announced at a later date.

You can see all purchase options on the Scream Factory website.