Sega's 'Alien' Games Are Currently Massively Discounted on Steam for "Alien Day"

As most of you probably already know, yesterday was "Alien Day," an annual celebration of all things Alien taking place on April 26th (4/26), in reference to the the moon in theoriginal film, LV-426. Sega has gotten in on the action by sharply discounting their Alien franchise games on Steam for the next 24 hours!

The sale includes Alien: Isolation, Aliens: Colonial Marines and the Aliens vs. Predator games. The games are available as a bundle, priced at 80% off, or singularly, with Alien: Isolation priced at a mere two bucks!

The sale runs until tomorrow, Tuesday, April 28th. If you have yet to play Alien: Isolation, I highly recommend snagging it at the very least. It's, by far, one of the best horror games released in the past decade!

Alien: Isolation is also available on Xbox One, PlayStation 4, and was recently ported to the Nintendo Switch.


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