Serj Tankian Further Previews 'Elasticity' EP With "Electric Yerevan," Vinyl Release Coming April 30

Serj Tankian, the voice of System of a Down, has released his latest solo EP Elasticity, featuring tracks that were once intended for his main band. Previously, we got the title track to this release, and now we have another powerful track from the Armenian-American musical powerhouse.

“Electric Yerevan” combines environmental activism with that which we have seen a spike of in the last few years. Footage of civil unrest in cities such as Beirut, Minneapolis, and Minsk is shown, as Serj sings lines such as “we don’t wanna be the bitch of any superpowers” and “brutal police crackdowns with water cannons serve to irrigate the seeds of discontent and malcontent.” Musically, the song is upbeat, with a simple guitar line and Serj’s vocals running his full range, and that is saying something.

As bleak and upsetting as some of the footage in the video is, the energy of the music video seems to portray the attitude that the civil disobedience we’re seeing is actually getting somewhere when it comes to social justice. These protests are changing public opinion, and are also changing the opinion of the politicians and lawmakers who are directly responsible for making the changes the protestors are asking for.

Order Elasticity, whose vinyl release comes on April 30th, here, and stream the video for “Electric Yerevan” below:


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