Severin Reveals Blu-ray Release of Jeffrey Combs and Seth Green-Starring 'The Attic Expeditions'

On the road to their annual Black Friday sale, Severin Films have begun revealing the titles that'll be a part of the sale, and following news of their The Theatre Bizarre Blu-ray release, they've today announced director Jeremy Kasten's (Wizard of Gore, The Dead Ones) 2001 hallucinatory horror film The Attic Expeditions will also be making its Blu-ray debut this month.

The Blu-ray will features a new 2K scan from the original negative, and a handful of other exclusive extras.

Bonus Features:

  • Cast & Crew 20 Year Pandemic Reunion and Story of Making The Attic Expeditions, featuring Jeremy Kasten, Seth Green, Jeffrey Combs, Tim Heidecker and many more

  • Alice Cooper and Jeffrey Combs Internet Reunion

  • Horror Scholar Adam Rockoff Contextualizes The Attic Expeditions

The exclusive Limited Black Friday Edition will also include the first ever release of the original motion picture soundtrack CD.

In the film starring Seth Green, Jeffrey Combs, Ted Raimi and Alice Cooper, "Trevor is a young man who has been sentenced to a long stay in a mental hospital after brutally killing his girlfriend. However, the longer Trevor is in stir, the more he wonders if the murder ever really happened, or if it's all just a horrible fantasy implanted in his brain by Dr. Ek, the sinister director of the asylum."

"We'll be announcing new titles being made available during our Black Friday Sale every Monday and Wednesday between now and the big event," Severin wrote earlier this week.


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