Sharone Channels 'The Grudge' While Battling Depression in Music Video for "Screaming Into Oblivion"

To paraphrase Wes Craven, horror doesn’t create fear, it releases it. Horror, as a genre, allows us to feel what lies under the skin. It permits us to get stark, bleak, and very real with ourselves and the audience, for better or for worse. It is this vein which Denver-based dark alt-rock artist Sharone tapped for her newest song “Screaming Into Oblivion,” which deals in depression and mental illness.

As the artist herself puts it:

"Screaming Into Oblivion is about depression. I wrote the song when I was feeling very alone. It seemed that no matter where I turned, all I was seeing was emptiness, and my brain was taking over me. I've dealt with mental illness for many, many years. It's a reoccurring part of my life. I try to shed light on it in my music when I can, because I know I'm not the only one who deals with it. And it helps those people, knowing that they're not alone.”

On the subject of the music video, directed by Digital Myle’s Kyle Lamar and Justin Purvis, Sharone said:

“For the music video, I went with a 'Clue (board game) meets The Grudge' theme. The idea was to show different characters trying to figure out who it was who killed me, and at the end we discover that I was the only one there the whole time. That I imagined all these different people in my head and there was no one else around."

“Screaming Into Oblivion” is the third single from Sharone’s upcoming album Morbid Illusions, due out on May 28th via Devil Inside Records. Musically, she is somewhere between Evanescence and Tarja, with some excellent vocal work over orchestral synths, energetic drumming, and punchy guitar riffs. Sharone’s voice has less of the operatic flare that may be expected from symphonic metal, but her voice is technically sound and frankly awesome to listen to.

Stream and/or purchase the single here, and check out the Grudge-inspired music video below: