Sirenia Set Off On Their "Voyage Voyage" With Desireless Cover, New Album Out Now

Sirenia has finally unleashed their tenth studio album Riddles, Ruins, and Revelations, but not before granting fans one last tease, this one a cover of an Eighties classic.

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The gothic metal institution has crafted their own take on Desireless’ chart-topping and language-barrier-defying smash “Voyage, voyage,” originally released in 1986. The synthpop song was the Frenchwoman’s very first single from her first album Francois, and reached number one in Austria, Norway, Spain, and West Germany. It topped the year-end charts of West Germany and Switzerland in 1987 as well.

Sirenia’s version is incredibly faithful to the original, keeping the same key and general structure. It even uses some of the synth lines and flourishes found in the original song, making it just that little bit more accessible to the non-metal listener. It’s still inherently a Sirenia track, though had I not known in advance that this was a cover, I would have absolutely bought that it was the band’s own original song, even though it’s sung in French.

Riddles, Ruins, and Revelations is out now via Napalm Records. Order/stream the album here, and set sail with Sirenia’s take on Desireless’ “Voyage Voyage” below: