Sirenia Unleash Versatile New Song "We Come To Ruins," Tenth Studio Album Coming Next Month

This year marks a full two decades of existence for Norway’s Sirenia, founded all the way back in 2001 by co-vocalist and multi-instrumentalist Morten Veland. Fittingly, the band, which as of 2018 consists of Veland and Emmanuelle Zoland (as well as live guitarist Nils Courbaron and live drummer Michael Brush), will release their tenth studio album Riddles, Ruins, and Revelations via Napalm Records this February. At the tail end of 2020, we got our first glimpse of the album with the super-catchy “Addiction No. 1,” and now, just a couple of weeks before RRR is unleashed, we have glimpse number two.

“We Come to Ruins” is a heavy yet dynamic song, going from punchy verse riffs to a shredding refrain lead, with plenty of electronic elements to boot. Veland has called it “a more typical Sirenia song than our first single, but with a modern approach.” On the album as a whole, Veland had this to say:

"Riddles, Ruins & Revelations is SIRENIA's tenth studio album. The album is very diverse, as a SIRENIA album should be. There's a lot of material that shows the band from a new side, and there is lots of material that is to be expected from the band musically. All in all, the album will take listeners through a journey that will cover both familiar and unexplored musical landscapes. We hope that you will enjoy the journey.”

Riddles, Ruins, and Revelations releases on February 12th via Napalm Records. The track listing reads as follows:

  1. Addiction No. 1

  2. Towards An Early Grave

  3. Into Infinity

  4. Passing Seasons

  5. We Come To Ruins

  6. Downwards Spiral

  7. Beneath The Midnight Sun

  8. The Timeless Waning

  9. December Snow

  10. This Curse Of Mine

  11. Voyage Voyage

Pre-order it here, and check out the new track “We Come to Ruins” below: