Subterranean Survival Horror 'Skin Witch' Surfaces This May on Steam

Independent developer Blackwood Specter has let us know that their upcoming survival horror game, Skin Witch, is set to drop on Steam on May 22nd for PC, with Mac/Linux ports to follow shortly after release.

As we told you previously, the game focuses on what made classic horror games great, and brings that aesthetic to the modern era. Guild of Lore is providing the game’s soundtrack, evoking an ominous atmosphere in every crevice of the underground lair.

"With Skin Witch it was very important to return to the concept of self-defense in survival horror. With weapons, you have the power of choice. Your fate is in your own hands."

In the game, trapped in an underground mine you were sent to investigate, you soon learn you’re not alone. In the deep dark, skin-changed beasts lurk behind every corner as you struggle to escape. Fill them full of lead, or burn them to a crisp to make sure they stay dead.

The game features multiple weapons, enemies, unique puzzles, and destructible tunnels. There are also multiple areas including mines, an old bunker, and of course, the lair of the Skin Witch."

Check out the latest trailer along with some stills, below.


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