Social Deduction Smash 'Among Us' Will Get The Long-Awaited Airship Update On March 31

Red sus.

Innersloth Games have seen their simple yet entertaining Among Us take the gaming world by storm in this era of Pandemia. What was a small project from the makers of the Stickman Saga of games has turned into one of the most effective time-wasters in recent years. For those uninitiated, think Werewolf or Mafia with a sci-fi twist, small little single-colored spacemen, and over-the-top ways for the Imposter to kill them. Words like “vent,” “sus,” and “task” have become a part of our everyday lexicon.

Since the start of the new year, the next update has been the buzz of the internet, as the Airship, first featured in Infiltrating the Airship, will be the next playable map. This will come in a free update, as with the game being just $5 on PC and Switch (and free with ad support on mobile), DLC as we know it is absolutely not needed. The update will launch on Wednesday, March 31st.

As explained in the newest developer log, the Innersloth team admits that their popularity was completely unexpected, and while it was “great... it brings a whole slew of other problems we were extremely new to.” Different platforms mean different review processes for patches and updates, as well as more testing to make sure that a cross-platform game like Among Us works smoothly. It’s also worth pointing out that it’s a small team working on this massive game:

“Right now we're a team of 5 and we hope to continue staying pretty small and cozy, but there are some new hires on the way too.”

To read the full developer updates, check out the post here.

See the reveal trailer for the Airship below, and get ready to vent on March 31st! Also, check out our Twitch channel on Monday, April 5th as the CryptTwitch crew plays Among Us for an Airship Edition stream!


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