Super7 Gets Re-Possessed with 'The Exorcist' Vomit-Splattered Regan ReAction Figure

Now available as a part of Super7's Countdown to Boodega collection, The Exorcist's Regan MacNeil is returning to possess collectors with a new "Vomit Splatter" variant ReAction Figure!

The 3.75" articulated The Exorcist ReAction Figure of Regan MacNeil features green vomit splatter, a fully rotating head, and a vomit-splattered cross accessory.

You can add one to your collection for $20!

From Super7, "When the demon Pazuzu possesses young Regan MacNeil, she ends up spewing a lot more than foul language and foreign-tongues while fighting against an exorcism. This head-turning (literally!) Regan ReAction Figure will make any horror fan who doesn’t possess one just as green with envy!"

Super7's original Regan MacNeil ReAction Figure is also still up for grabs.