Testament's New Single "Children of the Next Level" Is Thrash Excellence

Testament Children of the Next Level

It’s no secret that Testament have seen a renaissance in the last few years. Their last few albums have been the cornerstone of a modern thrash metal revival, and the momentum is carrying on for the Bay Area quintet. Recently, the band offered up their second cut from the upcoming Titans of Creation, the triplet-heavy “Children of the Next Level.” With an extended guitar solo to boot, this latest slab of West Coast thrash is a fitting appetizer for the impending meal that Titans of Creation will be.

Guitarist Eric Peterson has gone on record saying that the album as a whole is “a lot more thrash I think, and more old school.” Whereas “Night of the Witch,” the upcoming disc’s first single, borrowed from black metal and death metal, “Children of the Next Level” is, as Peterson assured, classic thrash. The verse’s triplets evoke memories of “More than Meets the Eye,” one of the band’s biggest comeback songs from 2008’s The Formation of Damnation.

Titans of Creation is due out on April 3rd via Nuclear Blast Records.

Listen to “Children of the Next Level” here: