The 4.3.0 Patch for 'Dead by Daylight' Includes New Graphical Updates and Several Perk Tweaks

Today is a great day to enter the Fog, as Dead by Daylight kicks off their Eternal Blight event for Halloween. The event comes with a new tome in the Archives, “Unleashed,” which will explain the lore behind Nea Karlsson, Talbot Grimes (The Blight), and Max Thompson Jr. (The Hillbilly). Add to this the next segment of The Realm Beyond and the graphic facelifts that come with that, as well as a new collection of character collectibles, and we’re already on track for a happy Halloween in the trial grounds as it is.

Yesterday laid the foundation for all of this, as the 4.3.0 patch went live early Tuesday, bringing with it a slew of changes. The most noticeable changes besides the graphics come with the tweaks on our old friend Pyramid Head, aka The Executioner, as the developers realized that “at the moment, the cost of missing a Punishment of the Damned attack is too high, and it's too easy to fake Rites of Judgement into a basic attack.” As such, they’ve added a cooldown to cancelling Rites of Judgment, as well as a brief decrease in movement speed immediately after a cancel. His native Perks have also been altered:

  • Trail of Torment: Undetectable now lasts until the affected Generator stops regressing or a Survivor is injured or put into the dying state by any means

  • Forced Penance: Broken Status effect lasts 60/70/80 seconds

  • Blood Pact: Haste bonus is now 5%/6%/7%, and lasts until the Survivors are no longer within 16 meters of each other

There are a number of Perks that have received tweaks as well, and I can already hear the Killer mains saying that the devs favor the Survivors even though there’s only so much evidence to support that. Here’s a list of the changes:

  • Any Means Necessary now awards Bloodpoints when used, and its cooldown has been reduced to 100/80/60 seconds

  • For the People now awards Bloodpoints when used

  • Thanatophobia no longer affects healing speed, and its penalties have been increased to 4%/4.5%/5%

  • Mindbreaker's effect now lasts 3/4/5 seconds

  • Cruel Limits's range has been increased to 32 meters

  • Slippery Meat no longer affects Bear Trap escapes, and now increases hook escape attempt probabilities by 2%/3%/4%. These escape attempt percentages are additive, i.e. with this perk the chance of escaping the hook is now 6%/7%/8%

  • Discordance now has limited range of 32/64/96 meters. It triggers one loud noise for a Generator when it's first marked. The aura of the Generator remains visible as long as the conditions are fulfilled. From the time the conditions are no longer fulfilled, the aura remains for another 8 seconds

  • Hex: Huntress Lullaby now only affects healing and repairing skill checks

  • Technician now prevents all Generator explosions from missed skill checks. The Generator loses an additional 5%/4%/3% progress for missed skill checks

  • Pop Goes the Weasel now lasts 35/40/45 seconds

  • We're Gonna Live Forever now increases healing speed by 100% when healing a Survivor in the dying state. Players now gain a token when rescuing a Survivor by stunning the Killer with a pallet or blinding them with a flashlight

The biggest surprise is the buff to Technician, which is no doubt going to make Feng Min a more popular Survivor choice. Second place goes to Slippery Meat, which has torpedoed the “respect the 4%” players’ arguments forever and ever, amen. Any Means Necessary and For the People now grant Bloodpoint bonuses, which will help mitigate the already god-awful Bloodpoint grind. Frankly, as a Killer main, I’m perfectly fine with these changes, as it felt like a good number of the Survivor perks were flat-out not useful, and now things can be interesting, if not competitive, even at the lower ranks.

For the full breakdown of the patch notes, check out the Dead by Daylight forum.

See the trailers for "The Realm Beyond" Part 2, the Eternal Blight Event, Tome V: Unleashed, and the Hallowed Curse collection below: