The Birthday Massacre Re-Record Cover Of "The NeverEnding Story," One Year After 'Diamonds' Release

The Birthday Massacre are one year out from the release of their stellar album Diamonds (review), proving the staying power of one of the many bands of the so-called MySpace era of music. Since the release, the band has kept mostly silent, letting their Patreon page do most of the work for them during this era of Pandemia. Now, one year after their most recent full-length, the band has returned with a new version of one of their most iconic covers.

The band re-recorded their cover of the theme from the 1984 fantasy film The NeverEnding Story, first recorded by Limahl for the film’s soundtrack. In the years since, the theme has been covered by bands such as New Found Glory, Shooter Jennings, and Dragonland, and TBM themselves originally recorded a cover to be released on their 2004 album Violet. It was ultimately left off the release, but leaked online shortly thereafter.

This version is perfectly TBM, maintaining the Eighties-leaning synths with a goth-rock backbone as only they can. It evokes those memories of seeing the film for the first time, and creates that magic tinged with the darker side of imagination. Further, it shows just how influential Limahl’s original, and the Wolfgang Petersen film as a whole, was to the members of the band, and the love that went into recording this cover.

Stream and/or purchase The Birthday Massacre’s cover of “The NeverEnding Story”:


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