The Black Dahlia Murder Stream New Track "Child of Night"

Black Dahlia Murder Child of Light Video

As The Black Dahlia Murder prepare to unleash their new album Verminous, the Michigan metallers have let loose another taste of the mayhem. “Child of Night” features blast beats, low death growls, and a more black metal feel than what is usual for the band. In any case, it showcases an evolution in the sound of the band, doubling down on how the band “stoked the creative fires with 2017’s Nightbringers,” according to vocalist Trevor Strnad.

Strnad further explains the title of the upcoming ninth album:

"We, members of our beloved and hidden world of the heavy metal underground teeming just below the surface, are the verminous. The rats and roaches looming in the cracks and crevices of this fallen world. We are the pariahs that the world of normality finds loathsome and obscene. We are the carriers of a plague of knowledge so vile that it could bring the unsuspecting mankind to its knees. Always the underdogs. Our love for this music and what it means to our lives is foolishly underestimated."

Verminous is due out on April 17th via Metal Blade Records.

Watch the music video below.