The Boulet Brothers' "Creatures of the Night" Podcast Now a Part of the Dread Central Family

Listen up, uglies.

As if the news of the impending arrival of the two-hour all-star special Resurrection wasn’t enough, The Boulet Brothers keep bringing the heat this Halloween. It has been confirmed that their podcast Creatures of the Night has a new home among the Dread Central family. The queer horror provocateurs present the pod alongside co-host Ian DeVoglaer, and have featured a host of guests thus far, including singer Poppy, burlesque icon Dita Von Teese, and The Craft star Rachel True.

Says Dread Central co-founder Jon Condit on the acquisition:

“We are extremely excited to welcome the Boulet Brothers’ hit podcast ‘Creatures of the Night’ to our network. The Boulet Brothers exemplify the fact that horror and alternative drag serve as a lens to subvert cultural norms, testing the boundaries of taste while simultaneously exploring and pushing back against how culture can come to confine us. It’s no surprise that the Boulet Brothers’ world and the world of horror would draw from the same wellspring, often confronting the same fears, complexities, and taboos.”

To commemorate the move, the Boulets have released a special two-part episode. Part one features product reviews of various autumn-themed wares, as well as a deep dive into punk rock monster movie Uncle Peckerhead. The second part, a bonus episode, features the seven performers who will appear on the upcoming special Resurrection, streaming on Shudder this Tuesday, October 20th.

Subsequent episodes come out every other Thursday, meaning the next dose of filth, horror, and glamour should come to us next Thursday, October 22nd.

Click here to find the podcast archive over on Dread Central, or find Creatures of the Night wherever you stream podcasts.