'The Dark Pictures: Little Hope' Gets "Secrets and Premonitions Trailer" Ahead of October 30 Release

We are two weeks away from the second installment of The Dark Pictures series of games, Little Hope, and I have a few questions. Like who’s going to do the version of “O Death” this time? Amy van Roekel’s version for Until Dawn was great, but then we had Khemmis killing it with “A Conversation with Death.”

What’s Chelsea Wolfe doing these days?

In all seriousness, there’s a lot of intrigue in the horror gaming world surrounding the Supermassive Games title, and to tap into that, we now have a “Secrets and Premonitions” trailer for the upcoming game, and if the prospect of another sit-down with The Curator didn’t grip you before, this new glimpse of Little Hope might seal the deal.

The biggest takeaway for the gameplay is the urging from The Curator to look at the pictures strewn throughout the story mode. These will trigger premonitions, which could pull back the curtain on a potential twist or story event, much like the Totems did in Until Dawn. Beyond this, some of the bonus content available to unlock includes an interview with star Will Poulter, as well as art book and comics relating to Little Hope.

The Dark Pictures: Little Hope will be released on October 30th on all platforms. Pre-ordering the game through select retailers will grant access to the Curator’s Cut, available after completing the story for the first time.

Watch the Secrets and Premonitions trailer for Little Hope below:


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