"Descend Beyond" Spotlight Trailer Reveals Details About the New 'Dead by Daylight' Chapter

Updated: Sep 3

The scourge of ambition is making its way to Dead by Daylight, as we now know more about Talbot Grimes, aka The Blight, and Felix Richter, the new characters coming with the “Descend Beyond” DLC chapter. A spotlight trailer for the new installment premiered earlier this afternoon, clueing the denizens of the fog into who the new inhabitants are.

The Blight’s power is known as Blighted Corruption. First is the ability to rush forward for a period, though the Killer cannot attack while mid-rush. Hitting a wall or other hard object will cause The Blight to slam into it, ending the rush and closing the distance. Failing to do so before the rush ends will cause The Blight to become fatigued, necessitating another dose of the serum. Following a successful slam into a hard object or wall, you can then launch a second “lethal rush,” which can be followed up with an attack.

This rush is going to be a lesser version of The Hillbilly’s chainsaw sprint, given the limited length of the rush. That said, this gives The Blight a small amount of map pressure, something that some Killers only wish they had.

Perks for The Blight include Dragon’s Grip, Hex: Undying, and Hex: Blood Favor.

Dragon’s Grip activates after damaging a Generator. A Survivor that interacts with that damaged Generator will scream and give away their position for a short time, as well as suffer the Exposed status effect, leaving them vulnerable for a one-shot down.

Hex: Undying activates when a different Hex totem is cleansed, and it transfers that Hex to a Dull Totem, so long as there is at least one left in the trial grounds. It will also, so long as Hex: Undying is active, reveal Auras of Survivors who are within a short distance of a Hex Totem.

Hex: Blood Favor activates upon a Survivor taking a hit. The Hex allows the Entity to hold pallets in place for a short duration, eliminating some loops and possibly, depending on positioning, making the almighty “god pallet” useless.

I can see something like Hex: Undying turning low-ranking games, in which killers may use and abuse Hex: No One Escapes Death (colloquially, “NOED”), into complete and total shitshows. Games with Killers running Hex: Devour Hope, another popular and chaotic Hex perk, are sure to turn into The Great Pallet Hunt if the Survivors suspect that either of The Blight’s Hex Perks are in use. As for Hex: Blood Favor, I can already hear Survivors screaming in the distance, and not because of Dragon’s Grip, either. No pallets? Say it ain’t so. And could you imagine someone like Freddy or The Doctor using that perk, given their Blood and Illusionary pallet abilities, respectively?

Felix Richter’s Perks are Visionary, Desperate Measures, and Built to Last

Visionary reveals the Auras of Generators nearby. Simple as that. I could see this being good for scouting, if a Survivor entered a trial with a map of any kind, but beyond that, there’s not really much else to be said. Are there better tracking abilities for Survivors? Maybe, but that doesn’t take away from Visionary’s potential.

Desperate Measures allows for faster healing and unhooking, depending on how many of your allies are injured. So it’s more or less anti-Thanatophobia? Unless the Survivors are facing a slugger Killer, or perhaps The Plague, I don’t know if I see this one being a great help. Not that it won’t be a good Perk, but it may not be a clutch, game-saving Perk, necessarily.

Built to Last can, once per trial, restore a portion of an item’s charges once it has already been fully depleted. This could be huge for things like Brand New Parts on a toolbox, or the Styptic Agent and Anti-Haemorrhagic Syringe, which deplete their respective items upon use. Killers may want to think about something like Franklin’s Demise to counter something like Built to Last.

Oddly enough, there doesn’t appear to be a map for this chapter, though since the lore for The Hallowed Blight and the serum has already been touched on in previous Halloween events, this may just mean a few cosmetic changes for existing maps. In either case, I would anticipate this chapter being released by month’s end, and we at CryptTeaze will provide updates for this and further chapters.

See you in the fog!

Watch the Spotlight Trailer for “Descend Beyond” below:

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