Horror-Comedy 'The Hills Have Eyes for You' Coming to Netflix from 'Tucker & Dale vs. Evil' Director

The Hills Have Eyes For You Netflix Eli Craig

Hands down, Behind the Mask: The Rise of Leslie Vernon and Tucker & Dale vs. Evil are two of the best, most clever horror-comedies to be released since the turn of the century, so we've very excited to learn that the creative forces behind each film are teaming up for a brand new project!

Deadline reports that David Stieve, writer of Behind the Mask, is writing the Netflix horror-comedy The Hills Have Eyes For You, with Tucker & Dale director Eli Craig helming the project.

"This is a unique underdog love story with genre bending scares and a lot of laughs," Craig said. "I think I’ll be in my element for this one."

Producer Dan Farah called it "a fresh and fun love story set against the backdrop of an elevated horror comedy."

Andrew Farah will executive produce and Stephanie Davis will serve as a co-producer.