The Merkins Go Boy Band with Slashstreet Boys' "Die By My Knife"

Whether it’s Leatherface going country or Michael Myers cursing his “Careless Sister,” horror superfans and parody powerhouses The Merkins know how to make a gory good time. Throughout the course of their YouTube channel, they’ve portrayed Freddy Krueger as a hip-hop haunter, Jason Voorhees doing his best Phil Collins impression (insert that drum fill here), and even bringing the band together for The Slashstreet Boys.

The Boys are back in town, as they’ve come just in time for spooky season to give us another hilarious play on the seminal boy band Backstreet Boys. This time around, the SSB riff on the track “Larger Than Life,” cutting it up into “Die By My Knife” with the help of Taco Truck. While the original music video had a futuristic, turn of the millennium feel to it, the Slashstreet parody sees our slashers in more familiar territory, chasing poor sods down long corridors that will only end in blood. That said, the image of a pelvic-thrusting Ghostface is now forever etched into my mind, for better or for worse.

Also, who knew Michael had those kinds of vocal chops all these years? In all seriousness, shout-out to Durell Legrair for laying down those killer vocal runs for Michael’s character.

The line-up for the video is FreddyKruegerFiles playing Freddy, Paul Schultz as Jason, Jake Barcus as Michael, and Ty Prager as Leatherface. Factory of Terror was the locale used to shoot this video.

Watch the hilarious video for “Die By My Knife” below: