The Merkins Parody Danzig's "Mother," With Assistance From Jason Voorhees

This is taking “Mommy, Can I Go Out and Kill Tonight?” to a whole different level.

Perennial horror riffers The Merkins love blending their love of music and slashers, and no act not killer is safe from becoming the subject of a Merkining. And with their latest piss-taking, we see that not even the mighty Danzig can keep away from these har-de-har horror geeks.

Powered by the vocals (or vokills, if you will) of Dead Dick Hammer, The Merkins’ latest gag comes with a new version of Danzig’s legendary track “Mother,” with Jason Voorhees (played by Paul Schultz) singing to his dearly beloved ma-ma-ma Pamela. The lyrics address Pamela directly, like the chorus, which here goes, “All around you, candlelight / And if you wanna kill them with me / I can show you how they die.” Schultz, doing his best Glenn Danzig impersonation, is stellar in this role, even miming the guitar solo with Jason’s signature machete in lieu of a six-string.

And in case you want to compare this shot-for-shot re-imagining to the original, The Merkins have even included a link to the original “Mother” music video, and side by side, you can see how painstaking this love letter must have been to make. The hard work comes through in the finished product, and that is what takes this parody from “LOL” to “LMAO,” even if your ass may have come off by other blade-swinging means.

Check out the faithful re-creation of the music video for Danzig’s classic, complete with a cameo from a certain old foe of Jason’s below:


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