The Merkins Parody Extreme's "More Than Words" with a 'Freddy vs. Jason'-Inspired Tune

And here I thought that Jimmy Fallon and Jack Black had the best shot-for-shot recreation of this video.

Horror parody masters The Merkins are back, and igniting their 2021 with a hilarious and heartwarming take on Extreme’s legendary ballad “More Than Words.” In this take, titled “More Than Burns,” Jason Voorhees and Freddy Krueger play the roles of Gary Cherone and Nuno Bettencourt respectively, as the two sing about their slaying ways, with Pamela Voorhees waving the ballad-requisite lighter all the while, just as drummer Paul Geary did in the original video.

Scott Hemphill, better known as SteelCity Jason, plays the role of the creep of Crystal Lake, while FreddyKruegerFiles plays the role of Springwood’s most infamous groundskeeper. Nate Vaill donned the decayed visage of Jason’s mother Pamela, and also produced the song.

I re-watched the original “More Than Words” video immediately after, and the painstaking detail that The Merkins set out to accomplish shows. Not only are they outright funny and silly, but they consistently pay tribute to whatever source material they’re riffing on, both the music they’re parodying and the film characters they’re using.

See the video for “More Than Burns” by The Merkins below: