The Merkins Riff On Carly Rae Jepsen As Ghostface Sings "Call Me, Sidney"

Horror humorists The Merkins have struck again, spinning their love of iconic slashers with a healthy dose of pop music parody to make for some gloriously grin-inducing content. I’m pretty sure these guys are, in many respects, miracle workers. With their latest song, I think they got me to finally come around to Carly Rae Jepsen, and given how anti-pop I was when that song first came out, that is a fucking achievement.

Yes, the latest Merkins parody is of “Call Me Maybe,” a song that is a genuine bop, as the kids would say, sung by Ghostface of Scream fame, though here he is played by Merkins regular Freddy Krueger Files. In “Call Me, Sidney,” he and a group of Ghostface-clad musicians recreate the colorful music video for the infectious pop song, as clips from the potentially greatest meta-horror film to ever exist are interspersed.

Following the song, a series of behind-the-scenes clips play, including the lead Ghostface jumping into a trash can, as well as trying to make himself scarce in the middle of the woods. Delightful for a serial killer with the fan-voted best Mori in Dead by Daylight.

Check out the hilarious parody “Call Me, Sidney” below:


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