[Trailer] 'The Millennial Killer' Has Been Unleashed on Blu-ray and VOD

The first step on the housing ladder is the first step on the path to hell!

Following the release of the Sam Mason Bell-directed horror film The Millennial Killer on Blu-ray last month, the Real Estate Agent serial killer film is now available on demand from Darkside Releasing.

In the film, "When Naomi and Daniel went looking to find their first shared home together, they expected to live together forever, but their Realtor had other plans. The Real Estate Agent is taking a personal vendetta against Generation Y, but Naomi’s fate becomes worse than death! She is kept alive long enough to see other victims succumbing to the Realtor’s skewed inner fear and his need to protect his generation from the millennials."

Who is the real victim of The Millennial Killer – the one who dies, the one who survives, or the one who is adversely affected by the changing values of modern society?

The Millennial Killer stars Alice Mulholland, Simon Berry and Rishky Patel, and is produced by Martin W. Payne.

You can watch the film on Darkside Releasing's official site or on Vimeo.