The New Characters in 'Dead by Daylight: A Binding of Kin' Now Have Disturbing Backstories

The eighteenth chapter addition to the massively popular asymmetrical horror game Dead by Daylight is coming sooner than we think, as the temperatures grow colder and the need to stay inside grows more dire. “A Binding of Kin” got a chilling trailer not even two weeks ago, and both Élodie Rakoto and The Twins have gotten their day in the Fog via the Public Test Build. Now, within this last week, we have official lore for both (well, all three, it would seem) of our new additions to the roster.

Élodie Rakoto hails from Paris, France, with roots hailing back to the isle of Madagascar. She carried a healthy desire for knowledge and history, though this left her without many friends or peers. In her teenage years, she traveled to Dyer Island, a gathering place for members of the enigmatic Imperiatti, where she met Felix, the Survivor from the last DLC “Descend Beyond.” Élodie and Felix explored the ruins one night, only to set forth the building’s collapse, separating Élodie from her parents forever.

This disappearance haunted Élodie for some fourteen years, and led her to investigate and find some sort of rational explanation. The name for where they ended up differed from text to text, but in so many words, they were gone to purgatory, and this revelation led Élodie to studying the occult, even employing the help of a researcher named Hazra Shah. The deal was struck between the two, she found artifacts, and Shah paid for her work and her extracurricular research. Her wandering led her to a member of The Black Vale, who took her out in the name of The Old One, leading her to The Fog.

Read her full lore here.

The Twins are named Charlotte and Victor. Born in the seventeenth century as conjoined twins, their lives began in fervor and controversy, as both the twins and their mother Madeleine were the subject of many a witch hunt. She fell ill when the twins were five years old, leaving Charlotte - who was already tasked with concealing her brother, attached to her at the torso - to scrounge for food for the family. Eventually, Victor gave the two of them away during one trip to the market, leading to Madeleine being convicted of witchcraft and burned at the stake.

The two were taken by men in black cloaks and subjected to a host of experiments, the last of which killed Victor. As she made her escape, Charlotte mourned her brother’s death, though she sought to protect his corporeal form, as he was the only family she had left now. Eventually, her travels caught up to her, and she was ready to accept her mortal fate, until Victor sprang to life from out of her torso. Following the chase that came after this shocking occurrence, Charlotte, sickle in hand, vowed to do away with anyone who threatened to harm her dear brother.

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