The New Survivor for 'Dead by Daylight: Descend Beyond' Has Been Unveiled

Updated: Aug 30

The next clues about the contents of the upcoming “Descend Beyond” chapter for Dead by Daylight have been unleashed, as this past Thursday, we learned the name of the new Survivor joining the ranks of the campfire crew. Felix Richter, a German-born architect born to respected physicians, will be the newest addition to the game, alongside new Killer Talbot Grimes, also known as The Blight.

Felix seemed to be destined for success, given the caliber of people he and his family were associated with. By the age of 23, he was a renowned, award-winning architect, even if more than some of his success had more to do with not what he knew, but who he knew. Inspired by his childhood summer vacation spot Dyer Island, Felix took up architecture, having taken in the expansive designs during his holidays. Put gently, though, he was a loner, not keen on working with others, even his own father in his more formative years.

Following the news that he was to be a father, Felix and his girlfriend Lauren Golder set out to give some much-needed work to Dyer Island, until his own father, long thought to be gone for good after a sudden and mysterious disappearance, returned only to voice his disappointment in his would-be Wunderkind. This sent the prodigal son on an unending chase to seek both his father and his approval.

For the record, the discoveries on Dyer Island included an opium den inhabited by a group known as The Pariahs. Without going into too much detail, there seems to be a possibility that the stories of The Blight and Felix are more closely intertwined than some past Killer/Survivor combos in past chapters.

Read the full blog post about the lore of Felix Richter here.

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