The Next Chapter DLC for 'Dead by Daylight' Will Be "A Binding of Kin"

Was I way off with my guess of Left 4 Dead’s Witch? Absolutely. Is this better? I mean. Look for yourself.

Today the reveal trailer for the newest DLC chapter of Dead by Daylight was unveiled, and we now know the identities of the newest members of the roster. The trailer features Claudette and David, two fan favorite Survivors, working on opening a chest, before David is jumped by a small deformed creature. In a panic, Claudette rounds a corner, as a large maternal figure wielding a scythe comes into frame and presumably off the scrappy Survivor, before her smaller companion joins her in the gaping crevice in her torso.

Few of the original, non-licensed Killers in Dead by Daylight are truly terrifying at first glance, but The Twins, our newest hookers, are already benefiting from some body horror grossness, something we only get so much of with the current roster. While not pictured in the trailer, the new Survivor is Élodie Rakoto, who it would track that we will learn more about very soon.

See the disturbing animated trailer below: