The Predator Will Feature In 'Fortnite' As Part Of The Latest Battle Pass

While it may universally be known as “one ugly motherfucker,” The Predator is one of the most lasting antagonists in all of film, with the Yautja warrior’s first appearance coming in the eponymous 1987 film. In the years since, it’s had three more solo films, two crossover films with the Xenomorphs, a stint in the Mortal Kombat universe, and its own video game, last spring’s Predator: Hunting Grounds.

Now, the dreaded hunter is making its presence known in the popular sandbox/survival game Fortnite, as part of the most recent Battle Pass for season 5. Players will be able to complete Jungle Hunter quests in order to unlock Predator-themed exclusives, such as the iconic outfit, a heat vision spray, a banner, and an emoticon. With this, The Predator joins the ranks of such action legends as Kratos of God of War, Din Djarin and Grogu (or The Mandalorian and Baby Yoda, if you’d rather be annoying about it), Michonne from The Walking Dead, and Halo’s Master Chief.

On principle, this is pretty great, as I’m willing to bet actual human dollars that a lot of kids aren’t aware of The Predator, and any chance to expose a new audience to an all-time classic should be taken. On the other hand, the visual of the Yautja flossing upsets me on a molecular level. Oh well, different strokes, etc.

Check out the official Zero Point trailer for The Predator below:


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