The Public Test Build 4.6.0, Complete With New Characters, Is Available Now in 'Dead by Daylight'

Well, now I feel like a dumbass for not having “popular multiplayer horror game partners with K-pop producer for their next featured characters.” But here we are.

The Public Test Build for the latest version of Dead by Daylight is available now on Steam, meaning that the newest DLC chapter will be available later this month. Chief among the updates will be the contents of Chapter XIX, dubbed All-Kill, but there are a few patches outside of the new characters that will draw the attention (and possibly ire) of longtime fans. For one, Decisive Strike has been nerfed just a little bit further, as it has been deactivated during situations that aren’t a part of evading the Killer.

In more positive news, the game now has greater accessibility for those among The Fog who are colorblind, as that setting is now available in the PTB, and will hopefully be workshopped as needed before being made public on all platforms.

Updates have also been made to The Blight and The Wraith, as well as to the HUD and the chat features. For the full breakdown of the latest PTB, check out the official Dead by Daylight forum.

For All-Kill, our new Killer is “The Trickster” Ji-Woon Hak. Jealousy towards his NO SPIN bandmates led to Ji-Woon abandoning his friends in a fiery accident, leaving them to die. Following this, he tortured and murdered others, capturing their screams and using those recordings in his music discreetly. Just before he was about to dispatch his producer Yun-Jin (who serves as the Survivor for this chapter), The Entity called to him, and swept Ji-Woon away to its realms.

Assisting with this chapter is music producer Kevin Woo of U-KISS and Swivel. Woo has also worked with perhaps the world’s best-known K-pop act, BTS, and together with Behaviour Interactive, the story of the competitive and saturated world of K-pop will be accurately portrayed.

The Trickster’s Power is Showstopper, with which he’ll have a number of small blades which serve as projectiles to be thrown. Each hit will count against the Survivor struck, and eight knife hits will fill the Laceration Meter and damage the Survivor one health state. He also has a charged attack called Main Event which is fueled by Blade hits. Once unleashed, The Trickster’s blades become unlimited and his range greatly increases.

Of course, he also has his metal baseball bat dubbed The Head-Smasher to use for his basic attacks.

His Perks make for a punishing playstyle that thrives on slugging, with a failsafe in the event that Survivors are able to finish the required number of Generators. Starstruck will inflict the Exposed status on Survivors who are too close to the Killer if that Killer is carrying a Survivor, punishing altruism and sneaky hook save attempts. Hex: Crowd Control blocks windows for a short while after rushed vaults through it. Finally, No Way Out picks up Tokens for every Survivor hooked. The more tokens collected, the longer the Exit Gates are blocked.

Yun-Jin Lee is the Survivor for this chapter, and her Perks are all about closing the gap quickly, and keeping one’s hide untouched in the process. Fast Track builds Tokens as other Survivors get hooked, and each Token can boost the progression bonus added to a Great Skill Check. Smash Hit is essentially Sprint Burst for pallet stuns, as dropping a Pallet at the perfect time will grant a burst of speed for a few seconds. Self-Preservation will disable your own Scratch Marks if a nearby Survivor is hit with a basic attack.


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